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Progress, Part II

Worked in Photoshop this weekend while editing some of my novels. Here's more sketches that I colored using the program:

I think I like this version of Julian better.

This is a more detailed sketch of Razher, but I don't like the brown I used. Gonna go back and fix that. See what I mean about my pencil work? I left her eyes alone because I don't want to lose the softness of her gaze. Pencil is my strongest medium, but if I feel more comfortable once I gain a better grip on digital coloring, I might go back and work on her eyes.

Rahzer's man Machiavelli Faust. I think I'll stick with this flesh tone and hair color for him.

Razher punch pose (this is one heroine who doesn't need saving)

These are my boys from the other site. Just couldn't resist posting them here. Thomas, Scott and Bo (Wizard, Gorgon and Lycan)

One of my favorite Razher poses

In progress and making progress...

Still learning my way around Photoshop, but at least now I'm choosing the coloring for all the characters. I've found what works and what doesn't for me. While I have a drawing tablet, it still doesn't give me the feel and stroke touch like pencil and paper. And when I draw directly on the tablet, I'm not able to give the facial emotions I can with pencil. I prefer drawing and then scanning in my work (got a new scanner YEA!) then adjusting the levels, btu I still like leaving some of my pencil strokes in, so that's gonna be my style. I think every artist who works in digital early on has these reservations about their work when drawing with a tablet, but I do like digital coloring, and all the possibilities it provides.

Here's a sample of what I've been working on;

A few versions of Mac (hair color, trench coats still yet to be settled on)