mythicagirl (mythicagirl) wrote,

Bloomsbury, WTF is wrong with you?

My mom, god love her, likes to get right to the heart of the matter.
So I have no doubt that's exactly what she'd say to whomever at Bloomsbury, the one or ones okaying the decision to put this photoshopped corset girl on the cover of Magic Under Glass.

Lest you be confused, here's an artist's depiction of the protag (from checking out the author's sketches on FLICKR, I wonder if this is her work?), from the OFFICIAL TRAILER - sanctioned by Bloomsbury, notice the difference?

You've no doubt heard about the controversy before. LIAR anyone? Oops, seems like Bloomsbury's done it again by putting an obviously white model on a book whose protag is dark brown. I'm still buying the book so as not to punish the author. But this is the second time, the second book we at least know about. So it bears repeating (no, I won't wail when lord when) just this,
"Bloomsbury, WTF is wrong with you?"

Here's a link to what a teen book blogger has to say about the matter:

More links about this issue:

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