So, What R U?

I've been asked that in my life. Didn't bother me, as I enjoyed most of the conversations. Sometimes people just need to know.

Yes, I'm, one of those multi-talented, sing, write artsy fartsy types.
So, in light of the whole frenzy about the Bloomsbury covers, I figured I'd make this about me, so as not to offend anymore sensitive, timid types.

See, if this was about oh, domestic violence or breast cancer or any number of issues people would feel like if they didn't speak up about they'd have the whole freakin' world against them "OMG how could you not join in against Domestic Violence?"

There'd be no "am I a bad person?" blog posts (note to self, never ask that question. You may get someone who says, yeah you are, and you're also acting like an idiot. Because when you post something like that of course people who know and like you are going to join your pity party)

So, I'll just say it. I really don't care if I am perceived as bad for saying this:

What Am I?

I'm every woman and man.

So when I draw a character, or write about a character and I have to defend that character, hell, I'll do it.

No little white girl will ever have to see one of my creations and say, why did you make the valley girl the bad guy? Aren't there enough of us already in fiction?

I'll stand with her and say I'm proud to be the bad guy. And that if she can follow the story along far enough, you'll see I've added a twist. The Valley girl will probably turn out to be multi-faceted and not a bad person after all, but one who just needs love.

One of my characters is a Russian Prince. Of Roma descent, and yes I know the problems Romas are having over in Italy. So what I'm saying is, I won't try to avoid or not educate myself on a character's ethnicity or religion or nationality. I won't add a bi-sexual or gay character and if you need my support, say, well, I'm a christian and maybe your ball rolled in another yard by mistake. If I wrote the character, damn it I own it. And I'll own up to it.

I gotta go now. But I'll add more later...

Please, for the love of god, leave this woman alone...I beg of you

This is from the author of Magic Under Glass and it should put an end to that part of the controversy (not that she was a part of it, it was Bloomsbury's cover decision that was messed up, so sez I)

Magic Under Glass Cover
"I know some people are waiting for me to say something on the issue of my cover. I have thought long and hard about my thoughtful response, but the more I consider it, the more I think...

My writing is my voice. My stories are about accepting your fellow man or woman, about how love is the most powerful force in the universe. I do truly understand why some people are upset by my cover. However, Nimira is from a fictional land which is not meant to be a parallel to a specific country in our world. Her culture has elements, such as costume and music, that might be drawn from Eastern European, Asian and Roma cultures, and I love that readers are interpreting her look in different ways.

I definitely don't want to tell people how to feel. I have no problem with anyone getting impassioned about a cause. But a writer is the only thing I've wanted to be all my life, it's an outlet for a girl who is often timid to express her soul. If you want to know how I feel about acceptance, love, and diversity, it is in my books. I'm glad the story has spoken to many readers. I believe that young readers crave books with ALL kinds of heroes, and the surest way we can satisfy that need is to support books that make heroes out of diverse characters. I do hope that you'll give Nimira and her story a chance, and that you'll love her as much as I do."


Leave her be.
She's not THE ONE.
Yeah, I said it. Maybe you were looking for another Justine Larbalastier, or even the teen book activist Ari. But the author who wrote the above statement is just a writer doing what she loves. Which is writing. She didn't sign on to be a voice for a cause.

It's ironic though, because due to the controversy, that's how I'd learned about her. And before her statement, I was going to rush out to buy her book. Now, I'm more like mehhh...

I was going to buy it because I didn't want her harmed with all the controversy. And I'd even checked out her website, getting all excited because she sketches her characters like I do (I saw her early version of Nimira, and let's just say boy am I glad I went with a no boycott vote early on)and I really thought her book trailer was good.

Now, with her, "but the more I consider it, the more I think..."

As I read her whole measured, wonderfully PR polished statement, and after checking out her blog messages...I've even posted a couple of times. I guess if I were into politricks, I'd be considered an independent, because I've made the rounds, checked out other blogs, read pro and con. Posted on a few. And as you can see from this site, I'm no blogger.

Anyway, using the author as the definitive statement on this (half of this anyway, because I know some people are still mad about the LIAR cover) since that's part of it.

The more I consider it, the more I think...

"Maybe your ball rolled into the wrong yard"

???? Yeah, that was my first thought when I saw it posted in the author's comments section. That and another post about people having an "agenda" geessh, plus a few other posts that made me go hmmm, better not park it here.

Crazy week this week. Let's move on, shall we?

World of Hurt

If you're not already checking out an awesome webcomic called "World of Hurt Online" then please do!

Artist and writer Jay Potts has crafted an oh so smooth but deadly anti-hero named Isaiah "Pastor" Hurt, a tough, mysterious, stylish and streetwise "fixer". Pastor can handle any problem, for a price.

It's all 1970s all the time in this comic. Go on with your bad self Pastor!

The comic updates every Wednesday, and Jay's comic is the reason I changed from here to Comicpress. I'm so glad I did because it makes keeping my comics in order much easier. Remember, Confessions of a Shape Shifter re-launches this weekend!! And its for a mature audience:)

Bloomsbury, WTF is wrong with you?

My mom, god love her, likes to get right to the heart of the matter.
So I have no doubt that's exactly what she'd say to whomever at Bloomsbury, the one or ones okaying the decision to put this photoshopped corset girl on the cover of Magic Under Glass.

Lest you be confused, here's an artist's depiction of the protag (from checking out the author's sketches on FLICKR, I wonder if this is her work?), from the OFFICIAL TRAILER - sanctioned by Bloomsbury, notice the difference?

You've no doubt heard about the controversy before. LIAR anyone? Oops, seems like Bloomsbury's done it again by putting an obviously white model on a book whose protag is dark brown. I'm still buying the book so as not to punish the author. But this is the second time, the second book we at least know about. So it bears repeating (no, I won't wail when lord when) just this,
"Bloomsbury, WTF is wrong with you?"

Here's a link to what a teen book blogger has to say about the matter:

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